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About Poulstrup Friskole & Børnehus

Poulstrup Friskole & Børnehus is housed in beautiful surroundings in Poulstrup, located in the southern part of Hjørring municipality. The free school meets the educative needs of every grade and offers both 9th and 10th grade graduation. The free school also has a leisure time care facility (SFO) for the younger students. In addition, the school has an integrated children’s facility with nursery and kindergarten.

Our value foundation based on trust, community, respect, responsibility and well-being is an important aspect of our work and is reflected in the relationship between our teachers, nursery teachers, children, students and parents. In order to ensure a positive personal and educational development, we emphasize bridge building from nursery to kindergarten and from kindergarten to school.




Nursery, kindergarten and afterschool are holiday closed in week 29 + 30 and in the period 24/12 - 1/1 (both days incl.)

There is thus no childcare in the above time period.


Fall break: 12 - 18/10*     

Christmas break: 23/12 - 4/1* 

Winter break: 22/2 - 28/2*

Easter: 29/3 - 5/4*

Great Prayer Day: 30/4

Ascension holiday: 13/5 + 14/5


2nd Pentecost: 24/5

Constitution Day: 5/6

Summer break: 28/6 - 10/8*

*Both days inclusive!

Poulstrup Skolevej 1-3

9760 Vrå, Danmark

+45 71 99 71 03