A day in the nursery


A regular day:

In the nursery, the time before lunch is spent on outdoor or indoor activities, which correspond with our curriculum themes.

The main themes are all about providing the child with enough care and comfort to make the child feel safe.

The private daycares in the area can visit our nursery once a week or after agreement with the nursery teachers.

When possible, the nursery also participates when the church invites the little ones for a play date at the church. Here, the children will also be with the other daycare children in the area.


The child is dropped off / picked up in the nursery, where we say goodbye to mom and dad.

Children, who are eating breakfast in the nursery, are dropped off in the common room and greeted by staff either from the kindergarten or the nursery.


Breakfast is served from 6.30 - 7.30 AM in the common room (kindergarten). 

The children eat an early lunch from approximately 9 AM.

From approx. 11 - 11.30 AM, the children will eat their packed lunches.

When the children wake from their naps, we enjoy a late lunch.

Nap time:

Nursery children sleep in cribs in our crib room or outside in carriages.

In general, we do not wake the children, but let them sleep until they wake up.

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