Value foundation


At Poulstrup Friskole & Børnehus, our value foundation is based on trust, community, respect, responsibility and well-being, which is reflected in everyday life in the relationship between our teachers, nursery teachers, children, students and parents as well as between students across different grades. In this way, we ensure that our students are happy attending school and feel safe while being here, making them more likely to experience a positive development both personally and professionally.


A focus on creating relationships between students results in trust across age groups. Having present and responsible teachers, who listen and act according to the student's needs, creates trust among students and teachers. Through close dialogue between parents and teachers, the teachers' dedication and skills are entrusted. Trust between teachers and management creates a positive working environment.


We have an inclusive learning environment where joint activities across age groups promote friendship, security and community. We achieve this through our social comfort groups, social comfort days, class events, student readings and class trips. The community between the school, nursery and kindergarten is also emphasized through joint theme weeks, morning gatherings and bridge building.


Everyone respects and complies with the school’s values, which is why we accept each other's differences and respect the individual within the community. At the same time, everyone is expected to respect our common framework, environment and rules.


We have a shared responsibility for the school's positive development. Teachers and employees take responsibility for ensuring high professional development and inclusion of newly arrived students, parents and employees. The students are responsible for their own learning and for complying with the school’s values. Parents are responsible for ensuring that students respect the adults as well as the school’s facilities. The school also takes social responsibility.


When everyone complies with the other four values, we have established a great foundation for ensuring well-being at the school. We are aware of how each student thrives socially and we have an extensive anti-bullying strategy to ensure that all students feel safe and included in the community. Professional well-being is equally important, why we involve our occupational therapist and teachers from our competency center when necessary.

Based on our values, we focus on professionalism, relationship, consideration and emotion in order to promote an interest in learning and to promote versatile personal development, self-esteem and motivation.

Professionalism includes the individual's ability to seek information, use digital remedies, and develop linguistically and physically. As a result, we focus on these three key factors:

Movement: We prioritize physical activity during recess, as it increases the students’ learning potential.

Diet: We eat lunch together to ensure that everyone gets an energy boost and to cherish the social aspect and well-being of eating together.

Nature: We take advantage of our great outdoor surroundings as a learning environment and to enjoy fresh air.

Relationship involves the individual's ability to collaborate; lead responsibly; participate in relationships and communities; function in social situations; and take a political stance – thus giving them the ability to engage in all aspects of society.

Consideration is caring about yourself, others and about the consequences of your actions, as well as relying on your competencies and being able to consider other people's perspectives.

Emotion deals with the ability to recognize your own emotions and desires, to handle and regulate emotions, as well as to express your emotions.

In our mind, high-level professionalism is about taking our jobs seriously and ensuring that our employees are professionally updated and utilize new and exciting teaching materials and methods. We prioritize our teachers’ preparation time to ensure that they have enough time to prepare for their classes, in order to accommodate the individual student, thereby ensuring quality in their teaching. Read our teaching plans.

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