Opening hours:

Monday through Thursday from 6.30 AM to 4.30 PM.

Friday from 6.30 AM – 4 PM.

It is possible to arrange for extended opening hours if both parents have working hours that prevent them from bringing and picking up the children within the regular opening hours.


The nursery is open during all breaks except in weeks 29 and 30 during the summer break, where emergency care is only possible if both parents have to work. You can get the emergency care schedule at the school office. However, each child must take some time off for at least two weeks during the summer break and two weeks during the year to avoid payment in July.

Birthday celebration:

We would like to celebrate your child's birthday in the nursery. In advance, we will agree upon a time and date, since some children spend their birthdays at home.

The nursery will be happy to serve buns with butter, and otherwise the children may bring buns/sausage rolls/fruit for the rest of the children. 

There will be a flag on the dining table and we will hang a picture of the birthday child on the door.

Parent dialogue:

We will arrange for a meeting between the primary nursery teacher and the parents, when the child has been in the nursery for three months and again right before transitioning to kindergarten.

Parent meetings:

There will be two annual parent meetings, where one of them will include an election for the Parent Board.

The meetings are for all parents connected to Børnehuset (kindergarten and nursery).

Welcoming letter:

When the child is registered for the nursery, you will receive a welcoming letter one to two months prior to startup. The letter will inform you of the primary nursery teacher, who has been assigned to take special care of your child’s development and well-being.


Nursery children should not bring their own diapers, as they are included in the price.

Transition to kindergarten:

In general, nursery children transition to kindergarten during the month, in which they turn 2 years and 10 months. A new registration form must be completed prior to enrolling in kindergarten. The form is available for download on the website or in printed version in the school’s office. Please register your child as soon as possible to be guaranteed a spot. In order to accommodate the child's transition from nursery to kindergarten, we initiate bridge building approximately one month before the child starts kindergarten.

Image gallery:

On our Facebook page and in the image gallery on our website, we regularly upload images from everyday life in the nursery.

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